The rustic cuisine of Yumana opens a space for local products and traditions of the indigenous communities of Baja California. Our kitchen is identified by nature, sustainability and the local resources.

We’ve opened a space about peace and harmony of a culture that has built its traditions and history through sustainable agriculture and respect to the environment by paying respect to it every single day.

For the yumanan communities, the connection with Mother nature was a way of life. In Yumana we respect the land and create a menu to connect body and soul into a way to understand that we are all part of a whole.

We’ve created a peaceful space to promote the coming together of those who enter our place. What we intend to do is for them to understand the vision of those cultures.

We identify ourselves with the Yumana speaking communities because of their use of natural culinary resources of the region.

The first step of telling our story in Yumana Kitchen is telling about the symbol of uniting body and soul with nature and local products.

This is told by sharing the fact that it is through touch that our body connects with nature. And our hand is the one that plants, collects, transforms and cooks. Through our hand we have rituals and tribal traditions.